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Become an SPCA Guardian

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Each year SPCA Centres around the country help protect over 48,000 abandoned, abused and neglected animals that desperately need someone to care for them.

As a charity, we rely almost entirely on the generosity of New Zealanders to carry out our life-saving work, as we receive only a small amount of government funding. 

SPCA Guardians are a special group of monthly donors that help us take action for animals in five key ways:

  • Prevent Cruelty

  • Rescue

  • Rehabilitate

  • Shelter and Re-home

  • Seek Justice

Will you help animals in need get the food, shelter, vet treatment, love and care they deserve by becoming an SPCA Guardian

Sign up to become an SPCA Guardian today


Find out how our SPCA Guardians are making a difference to animals in need here.