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A plea to New Zealand

Tuesday 4 October, 2016

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An open letter to all New Zealanders: please don't make this mistake.

Dear animal lovers,

I'm Ginny, a member of the SPCA team in Auckland. I'm writing to you today after I read the Government's proposed action plan for dogs in New Zealand last week.

A couple of years ago I worked in an animal shelter in the UK. Every Thursday, an enforcement agency would come into the shelter and round up all the dogs they thought looked like a pit bull type and order them to be euthanised.

I know the heartbreak that breed-specific legislation causes, because I've seen it first hand.

Saying goodbye to innocent dogs and knowing we were powerless to help them is something that will stay with me for life.

The scary thing is, this is the future for our dogs if they look a certain way.

So I'm urging you all - act now while you still can.

The UK introduced breed-specific legislation 25 years ago, and it has not led to a reduction in dog bites. The casualties of this law are the thousands of innocent dogs who were denied a chance to grow up, and have a family, and learn how wonderful the world can be for a dog.

All because of the way they looked.

Studies from the UK show us that breed-specific legislation does not work and we need to do everything possible to ensure New Zealand doesn't make the same mistake. Our focus should be on responsible dog ownership and public education.

The good news is there's still time to make a difference for the lives of dogs in New Zealand. Right now we're setting up meetings with important decision makers to get our voice heard.

But we can't do it without you. Please sign our petition and share it with everyone you can.

Thanks for your support,


Join us in the fight to save innocent lives

Friday, 23 September, 2016

Save innocent lives like Dodie'sThe New Zealand Government has announced an action plan that will see animal shelters like the SPCA banned from re-homing dogs they see as "menacing".

Thousands of innocent lives are at risk – and we need your help.

What is going to happen to all the dogs that are guilty of nothing else than their visual appearance?

By making it illegal for animal shelters to re-home dogs of certain breeds, the Government are effectively condemning them to die.

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Meet Murdock the blind cat and his guide cat

Friday, 9 September, 2016

Murdock MabelThis month, we have an amazing story to share with you about a blind cat who has found his way with another feline friend.

Our campaign to end rodeo cruelty in New Zealand continues as a new survey shows that most Kiwis would support a ban.

With your support, our Outreach Therapy Pets and volunteers have been bringing comfort and joy to even more New Zealanders in rest homes and hospitals.

We are also delighted to welcome a new egg distributor to our SPCA Blue Tick accreditation.

Read our September newsletter here.

SPCA Education: changing hearts and minds

Monday, 5 September, 2016

SPCA EducationWe are excited to announce that after two years of research and development, the SPCA’s new education programme has launched.

Every year, SPCA Centres all over New Zealand care for around 60,000 animals who have been abandoned, injured, abused or neglected. Looking at these statistics, and the high levels of animal abuse in New Zealand, told us that we needed to invest in education to truly impact the way people are treating animals in our country.

In July, we launched a nationwide education programme in every Primary and Intermediate School in New Zealand. The programme uses animal welfare topics to teach children the subjects of the New Zealand Curriculum. It aims to foster understanding, compassion and respect towards animals, including responsible pet ownership, by teaching animal welfare in a real life, practical way.

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Finding their forever homes

Friday 2, September, 2016

Finding a forever home for the animals in our care is one of the most rewarding part of our work at the SPCA. Here are just three of our recently adopted animals who are enjoying their new loving families.


WillowBy the time she was six weeks old, little Willow had already been through so much. She was found wandering the streets all alone, with a terrible injury on her hind leg. Fortunately the kind person who found her brought her to the SPCA so our team could care for her and give her the vet treatment she needed.

Sadly, due to the nature of her injury, SPCA vets had to make the difficult decision to amputate her leg. It’s always hard to see such a young animal undergo major surgery, but we knew she was in the best possible hands with the expert care of our Vet Team.

Willow’s surgery went very well, and she spent some time with one of our foster families where she learnt to navigate life on three legs. Her foster family told us they were amazed at how quickly she could race around the house – having three legs certainly didn’t slow her down!

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