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Thank you for helping animals like Rory heal and find love

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Somewhere in New Zealand, an animal cries out for help. Because of you, they will get there care and love they deserve.

Thank you so much for your donation! Your compassion and kindness is at the heart of everything we do.  

When Rory came into our care, this sweet natured ginger cat was so smoochy. Even with a painful injury from his collar, all he wanted was cuddles. ‘Surely’, we thought, ‘his owners will track him down and take him home.’  

But no one came forward to claim him. He was unwanted, abandoned and injured. But his story doesn’t end there. You were there for him. Because of your incredible support, Rory got the medical treatment, support and love he deserved all along. He’s now safe in his forever home, getting all the cuddles he wants. Thank you! 

Now, with your donation, we can help even more cats and animals like Rory. Your support provides the medical treatment, shelter and care that every abandoned animal deserves. Thank you, again and again for being there for animals like Rory.