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Baking with your colleagues

Shake off the Monday blues and gather your team together for the sweetest fundraising of the year this August! Running an event in your workplace is simple, just ‘Bake, Take & Make’!

  • Bake cupcakes at home
  • Take them to your place of work
  • Make lots of money for New Zealand’s animals

Below you will find our top tips to make the most from your Cupcake Day event.

How to run a cupcake day event at work:

Get approval:

Before you start, talk to your boss and make sure they’re happy for you to host an SPCA Cupcake Day event.

Pick a date:

SPCA Cupcake Day is on Monday 14 August but if this date doesn’t work for you, just pick one that does.


It’s important to think carefully about what you’re going to do. You could run a really simple ‘Bake, Take & Make’ event, or be creative by setting challenges, running competitions, adding themes or running a charity bake-off.

Be prepared:

Who’s baking the cupcakes?

Do your colleagues know that they have to bring money with them to work that day?

How much are you charging for your sweet treats?

Will your company (or your boss) make a donation to support your event?

These are all important questions to ask yourself before the big day. Leave nothing to chance and you'll raise even more for the animals.

Spread the word:

If no-one knows about your event then it’s not going to be very successful. Put up posters, send emails, use notice boards, speak to people, use social media – whatever it takes.
Make extra money:

Share your online fundraising page and send your unique URL around to everyone in your office. Even people who aren’t in the office that day or 'forgot to bring cash' will have no excuse for not contributing

Will your company join in?

Many companies actively support the fundraising efforts of their staff, although they may not promote it. Ask your company if they would be willing to make a donation, or even match-fund the money that you raise. This can be a great way of significantly increasing your donation.

Got any questions or want some help with your event? Give us a call on (09) 256 7312 or email