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Mouse's new dream life


Mouse was just six months old when an SPCA Inspector found her tied up next to some rubbish bins. She was all alone, with no food, and no shelter.

She was incredibly underweight with painfully overgrown claws and open wounds behind her ears. Mouse was absolutely terrified. The SPCA Inspectors launched an investigation to find who neglected and abandoned her, but unfortunately they could never find the person responsible.

At the SPCA it took weeks and weeks for Mouse to physically recover. Slowly she gained weight and her painful sores healed. But while her bones no longer protruded and her skin was no long painful and itchy, Mouse’s mental trauma was harder to resolve. She was shut down, spooked and unsure of everything around her.

The canine team spent months with Mouse, slowly introducing her to new people, noises, and environments. While her exact history is unknown, it was obvious that Mouse had suffered trauma as a puppy. She needed a lot of patience while she learnt to trust again.

The next challenge for the SPCA team was finding a family for Mouse who would understand her rough start to life, and give her everything she needed to grow in confidence.

And then just before Christmas, the perfect family walked through the doors of the SPCA. They were looking for a companion for their rescue dog Poppy, who was around the same age as Mouse. Most importantly, they had so much love to give Mouse and were willing to do anything it took to help her feel comfortable in the world.

Poppy and Mouse settled into each other’s company easily and are now the best of friends. The two dogs live a dream life, right next to the rugged west coast beaches where they can run, play and swim together. Poppy’s helped Mouse feel right at home and even introduced her to some of the things she’d never experienced before – like sleeping on the deck in the sun, and lying on the couch.

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