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SPCA Fight Fund


SPCA New Zealand needs YOUR help to prosecute animal cruelty cases. Donate to our Fight Fund here.

SPCA New Zealand is the only non-governmental organisation in New Zealand that is entrusted with the legal powers to prosecute animal offenders under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. Of more than 14,000 complaints received by SPCA centres throughout New Zealand each year, we undertake prosecutions for cases of national importance.

We also assist our smaller centres to conduct a growing number of prosecutions and we facilitate this via our relationship with The Crown Prosecutor. We do not have government funding to support this process.

Depending on the complexity of such cases, the costs can reach many thousands of dollars. Extreme cases can take up to six years in proceedings and can cost up to $50,000. These are not just legal fees and court costs. It also costs to collect and prepare evidence, and relocate, rehabilitate and rehome any animals that may survive in these atrocious cases.

The SPCA Fight Fund has been established to help cover such costs for any of our 47 SPCA centres as needed. On occasions, some cases have been impeded or failed to be prosecuted due to lack of local funds. We need to resolve this as it is absolutely vital that these offenders are prevented from continuing to abuse animals. The Fight Fund is about having the needed funds available at short notice in order that prompt action can be taken. To expose and prosecute these sorts of cases, please help us build this fund urgently by donating now.


Why do we prosecute some people and not others?

Wherever possible we offer advice and assistance to improve animal welfare, and this sometimes means giving people time to make improvements. This is not always possible or appropriate. For example, if there has been a deliberate act of violence against an animal, when people won't accept assistance, or in extreme cases of neglect.