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Franklin was abandoned by his family. Now he needs you. 

I know as an SPCA supporter you love animals, and you'd never turn your back on them when they were in need. But sadly, not everyone is as compassionate as you, and all too often we see animals heartlessly abandoned.

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On a cold winter's night, four-week-old Franklin was cruelly dumped in a box and left in a park for dead. Far too young to be without his mum, Franklin was abandoned by the very people who were supposed to care for him.

He had no warmth, no food, and no way of surviving on his own.

Franklin's desperate cries caught the attention of a kind passer-by. She brought him to the SPCA, knowing it was the safest place for him.

Will you help save the lives of animals just like Franklin?

By making a donation to the SPCA today, when an animal like Franklin is cruelly abandoned, you'll be helping them get food, a warm bed and the medical treatment they need.

Thanks to the support of our animal lovers like you, Franklin received veterinary treatment, and lots of love and care while he grew big and strong enough to find a new loving home.

But this year, thousands more abandoned, injured and neglected animals will need your help.

Animals like Franklin rely on you. When their families turn their back on them, they need you to be their voice and help them get the love and care they deserve.

Will you donate today to give them a second chance at life?

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