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Animal abuse: SPCA releases list of shame

animalabuse 620x310Sunday, 2 November, 2014

SPCA New Zealand has chronicled the worst cases of animal abuse in the past year in its annual List of Shame.

Chief Executive Officer Ric Odom said he hoped the list would open eyes to the way some animals were treated.

"It's not about making people feel sick with what they read, it's about saying 'this is what goes on, this is what happens to animals," he said.

Read more about the SPCA List of Shame at

Click here for the 2014 SPCA List of Shame.

Ric Odom: SPCA Annual Appeal

Sunday, 2 November, 2014

The SPCA Annual Appeal begins on Monday 3 November, and this year the SPCA needs to raise $500,000 to allow their National Inspectorate team to continue rescuing animals in need.

Ric Odom, Chief Executive Officer of SPCA New Zealand, talked with Mark Sainsbury.

Listen to the interview at

Steel pipe dog beating earns prison sentence

Monday, 13 October, 2014

A Dannevirke man who beat his dog to death with a steel pipe has been sentenced to prison.

Perry Pepere Mason, 45, was today convicted in the Wairoa District Court of wilful ill treatment of an animal with the result that the animal died. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison and disqualified from owning dogs for three years.

On 12 June 2013 the Tararua District Council received two telephone calls. In the first, a member of the public reported a man in Dannevirke beating a dog with a weapon as if he was “chopping wood”. In the second phone call nine minutes later, the caller advised the council that the dog was dead.

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Meet SPCA Inspector Sue

suebaudetThursday, 28 August, 2014

What do Inspectors do? Why is there a need for them?

Sixteen years ago, advertising sales executive Sue Baudet had an epiphany. She decided that her role selling advertising space was not, in itself, as fulfilling as it could be. What was it that she thought really mattered to her most? Animals - was her undisputed answer.

Now Sue helps lead and support 83 SPCA Inspectors across New Zealand - from bustling Auckland city to remoter places such as Gore. Sue nurtures all of these qualified practitioners - those who speak for animals, who we all know, cannot speak for themselves.

Is this fulfilling? Oh yes.

Is it difficult? Well... yes.

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Brothers starved horses to the point of death

Thursday, 17 July, 2014

Two brothers starved and neglected a herd of horses in Canterbury to the point where six of them had to be destroyed to end their suffering.

Douglas John Williamson and his brother John Blackwood Williamson were convicted today in the Christchurch District Court on charges of wilfully ill-treating six horses, ill-treating another horse, and failing to ensure for the physical health and behavioural needs of five horses.

Both brothers were sentenced to 16 months imprisonment, disqualified from owning animals for five years, and ordered to pay reparations of $7000.

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