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Abandoning kittens ‘cowardly act’ says SPCA

Thursday, 11 February, 2016

HuraPauline Hura, 59, was convicted today in the Hamilton District Court on one count of deserting an adult cat and seven kittens in circumstances in which no provision was made to meet their physical, health, and behavioural needs.

Hura abandoned her eight cats when she moved out of her home, leaving them behind with no food, water, or anyone to care for them.

The defendant was sentenced to 120 hours community service, disqualified from owning animals for 2 years, and ordered to pay $157.03 in reparations and $200 towards legal fees.

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SPCA strongly opposes US auction of animals killed in NZ by trophy hunters

Tuesday, 2 February, 2016

The largest trophy hunting organisation in the world, US-based Safari Club International (SCI), is about to auction dozens of animals killed in New Zealand – and SPCA New Zealand is strongly opposed to it.

“We are opposed to trophy hunting, where animals are killed simply for entertainment,” says Ric Odom, CEO of SPCA New Zealand.

From 3 to 6 February in Las Vegas, Nevada, SCI will hold a series of ‘hunt auctions’ in which animals killed in countries around the globe will be auctioned. Among the items to be auctioned will be animals killed in 28 hunts in New Zealand, including red deer, Arapawa ram, chamois, fallow deer, Himalayan thar, sambar deer, and sika deer.

“Hunting is legal with the appropriate permits and can sometimes be justified to put food on the table or to control pest populations. However, it must always be done in a humane way to prevent unnecessary suffering for the animal,” says Mr Odom.

“Trophy hunting is often carried out by amateurs with limited hunting proficiency so the risk of unnecessary suffering for the animal is increased. And we oppose bow hunting because it also increases the likelihood of the animal suffering before it is killed.”

Gisborne men used dogs to torment and kill goats

Monday, 11 January, 2016

Two Gisborne men who encouraged their dogs to viciously and repeatedly attack live goats, one of which had a broken leg, were sentenced today in the Gisborne District Court.

Richard McKee, 34, and James Manukau, 27, were convicted on charges of wilful ill-treatment of an animal resulting in the death of the animal.

McKee was sentenced to 100 hours community work, three months community detention, and ordered to pay reparations of $1000. Manukau was sentenced to 100 hours community work and ordered to pay reparations of $500.

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Keep your pet safe this summer

SouthernCrossWednesday, 16 December, 2015

Our friends at Southern Cross Pet Insurance have created a printable poster full of great tips for keeping your pet safe this summer. Download it here.

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